Teachers are people who serve the public and private institutions. They educate students from the nursery, elementary, high school, and even college because they have the ability to teach a huge range of capacities. They can work for part-time and mostly full-time and can still be passionate about it. But in spite of all things that a teacher does and before actually getting the job, they still have to submit resumes to employers like any other position. If you want to serve people and become one, you also need to make the best winning resume. If there aren’t any specific rules to follow from an employer, there are many teacher resume examples 2018 that you can use and get inspired with it. Looking for the customer service resume examples 2018? Find some of them here!

An Overview of What It Is Like to Be a Teacher

What is actually a teacher? It is a person who educates and teaches students’ lessons like mathematics, science, language, arts, music, physical education and a lot more. They can work in private and public schools teaching kindergarten to the higher level of education, which is college. They apply these concepts and make it more interesting to learn. They explain and share information that’s why they have the verbal communication and listening skills since they handle kids up to adults.

  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics programs 1.9 million of teaching job openings from 2014 to 2024
  • Education teachers have a median annual wage of 61,560
  • There are 550,600 job openings projected for postsecondary teachers
  • Only 10% of teachers work in private schools
  • There are over 3.8 million preschool teachers in the U.S
  • There are 83% of students said that a teacher helped them boost their self-esteem
  • There are 3,000 children whom teachers have affected in the course of their career
  • 84% are women teachers in the K-12 Department
  • Most of the teachers do not want to teach during the summer season
  • Manchester, NH currently has 220 teaching jobs that are available
  • A lot of teachers teach in Rochester, NY because they offer $58, 160 
what is it like to be a teacher

Teacher Resume Tips to Help You Begin Yours

Do not get confused on how plenty the teacher resume examples 2018 are because here are some instructions on how to write teacher resume for you to shape your own

  1. Always start with a plan. If you are just starting or even changing your career, research about the specific school you like and see if there are any specific resume formats.
  2. Talk to everyone and network even family members, especially professionals for you to have a background about the position you are going to take.
  3. Don’t forget to put your credentials and education
  4. Mention all your important teaching experiences
  5. Highlight accomplishments and not your duties
  6. Submit your resume to every job openings, do not stick to one for more chances
  7. Look for a teacher resume format 2018
  8. Use a free resume sample for teachers as a guide
  9. Find tips for teacher resume for you to edit it
  10. Compare what you’ve done to some teacher resume samples 2018 to make sure

Wanting to be a teacher and getting through the interview part will be a piece of cake if you have a resume that can stand out especially when it is inspired by some of the teacher resume samples 2018 and understanding the tips for teacher resume fully. It is, as a matter of fact, easy to look for a free resume sample for teachers to help you get started.

teacher resume example
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Teacher Resume Tips on What and What Not To Include

See the following for things to write and avoid in your resume for teachers. Remember these and stay on the right track.

What to include

  1. Contact information including your name, phone number, and email address
  2. The resume Summary
  3. Your work experience
  4. Your significant skills
  5. Don’t forget your education

What not to include

  1. Do not include the word ‘Resume’
  2. Personal data that is outside your contact information
  3. Of course, pictures
  4. Not related work experience
  5. Grammatical errors to show that you know how to write teacher resume
teacher resume sample
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Powerful Words to Use for Your Teacher Resume

See the following for the best words to use in your resume.  Use them and highlight things you can offer to the table.

  1. Advised
  2. Certified
  3. Consulted
  4. Facilitated
  5. Evaluated
  6. Fostered
  7. Gathered
  8. Discussed
  9. Counseled
  10. Conferred

Words to Avoid on Your Resume

Avoid these words in your application:

  1. Go-getter
  2. Hard worker
  3. Strategic thinker
  4. Self-motivated
  5. Best of breed
  6. Dynamic
  7. Thought leadership
  8. Think outside the box
  9. Synergy
  10. Detail-oriented

Pieces of Advice from Experts on Your Teacher Resume

  1. Career adviser Geoff Scott said include soft skills in your application if you’re changing career.
  2. MASHABLE Tracy Cashman said be clear about employment dates.
  3. Avoid long resumes, according to base36.
  4. Avoid generic resumes, according to Vault.
  5. Do not use the traditional objective section, according to Job Hunt.
  6. Get rid of typos and poor resumes, according to Vault Careers
  7. Start with a sales pitch for yourself, according to Monster.com.
  8. Highlight what you have, according to Blue Sky Resumes.
  9. Display how good you are, according to Money US News.
  10. You may add a video presentation, according to The Guardian.

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teacher resume template
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Five Resume Tricks to Get You That Job Interview

What are the best tricks for a successful teacher resume format 2018? Check out the following.

  1. Bring out your skills in the lay outing.
  2. Customize each resume for each job application.
  3. Make use of keywords depending on the type of position you are applying for.
  4. Give statistics as well.
  5. Avoid generalizing. It won’t work, but you should specialize. 

If you are dreaming to inspire the minds of a current generation, then teaching is right for you. They encourage students to learn new things every day and because of this, students can excel both in the school world and beyond it. If you consider of having an impact on many young minds trying engaging in new things, you still need to submit a teacher resume with a teacher resume format 2018 to surely getting the job. These teacher resume examples 2018 are very useful and they are all you need to enter the world of teaching.

Achieve a combination of knowledge, experience, and education when you begin teaching with the help of the teacher resume examples 2018 that are already formatted for a hassle free making a CV. Start writing now your professional teacher resume with the strong qualifications you have. Start now and become a better person who serves people. Start and be someone who can make a difference and effect to young people’s lives.  

Use teacher resume examples 2018 today!