Using sales resume examples 2018 can help you write a CV for your desired career opportunity. With one, you can tailor your resume to fit the requirements of the job. For a start, see the following guide to aid you in writing a powerful resume that gets attention. Looking for some IT resume examples 2018? Here they are, just for you!

Sales Professionals: Career Overview

Before writing the 2018 resume sales samples, you may want to check out some recent statistics for professionals working in the sales field. Learning about these important details will show you what’s waiting for you in the sales force or as a retail consultant.

Sales managers are receiving a median annual salary or wage of $117,960 (May 2016), according to BLS. Sales manager jobs are also expected to grow by 5% within 2014-2024.  It will be as fast as other professions do grow within this period.

See here what are the highest paying cities for people working in sales jobs, according to HUBSPOT. So if you’re thinking of writing with the help of resume examples 2018 sales, you must learn of these details.  San Jose, CA sales professionals earn $127,500, while San Francisco, CA workers make as much as $100,000. Those in Boston receive $98,000, while those working in the New York City area make $97,236.

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Sales Resume Examples 2018 Tips

  1. Update your personal information. This includes your email address, home address, and mobile number.
  2. You need to put your best stuff above the fold.  Highlight sales achievements and accomplishments in the introduction.  Select three to four results in your career summary.
  3. Load your application with results just as what you can see in sales agent resume examples 2018. Do not focus on your job duties, but key accomplishments as a sales person or manager. Some things to include are sales increases, client base growth and awards received.
  4. Highlight those recognitions. Write about your sales performance, honors or awards received.
  5. Write in the perspective of the hiring manager. Know what they want to read in your resume and use appropriate language.
  6. Include certifications and training details.  Write learning you had that will make you stand out the rest who do not have such things to highlight.
  7. Skip the objective; replace it with career summary. Use your professional qualifications that make you stand out. It must be concise and tailored for the application. Read the job posting and get keywords from it.  Use those in the career summary.
  8. Highlight relevant work experience, but do not include all of them.  Select only up to five of them.
  9. Elaborate on your value.  Write your key accomplishments and core competencies in the summary section.
  10. Edit and proofread your resume.

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What to Include in the Account Executive or Sales Resume

There are things to include and skip in your CV or resume. Looking at sales manager resume examples 2018, you can notice some sections are skipped. For help, see the following.

  • Things to include are career summary, key accomplishments, core competencies, pieces of training and certifications
  • Things to skip are objective section, references section

CV Format for Sales Executive 2018: Keywords

There are powerful words to use in your CV format for sales executive 2018 as well as words to skip. Check out the following for those words you need to add in your sales resume:

  1. Increased
  2. Grew
  3. Achieved
  4. Acquired
  5. Communicated
  6. Sold
  7. Coordinated
  8. Expedited
  9. Generated
  10. Implemented

Words to skip are:

  1. Results-oriented
  2. Go-getter
  3. Attention to details
  4. Ability to work under pressure
  5. Creative
  6. Strategist
  7. Team player
  8. Hardworking
  9. Resourceful
  10. Self-motivated
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Sales Resume Format 2018: Advice from the Pros

Look at the following for pro tips in writing your sales resume.  These tips will keep you on the right track in writing your sales CV. stated that,

  1. You need to begin with a sales pitch.  Exhibit your energy and drive for the sales profession.

  2. Use buzzwords that include relationship selling, relationship building, customer service, client relations, and product marketing and consultative sales.

Blue Sky Resumes recommended that,

  1. You need to put your best stuff upfront for a positive impression.

  2. Show what you have. Highlight your awards.

Money US News stated that,

  1. Show numbers.  Display how you increase sales and revenue.

  2. Write awards to set yourself apart.

The Guardian said that,

  1. You may include a video presentation for illustrating your persistence or showing your personality.

Live Career recommended that,

  1. You must think like a manager. Your resume should appear sleek and neat.

  2. Write a summary. 

Business Insider stated that,

  1. Show numbers to display your potentials and abilities.

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How to Use Sales Resume Format 2018 Samples

Using the sales resume examples 2018 is helpful, but you must choose the right one.   While there are many of them, pick one appropriate for the job you’re applying.   From there, you can modify the fields with your information. Write only the most relevant ones. For your work experience, consider including only those within a 10-year period and not include everything.

Additionally, you should proofread and edit your resume to get rid of typos or grammar and spelling mistakes.  Save the file in PDF for sending electronically. If you’re printing, use white paper of A4 size.

Tricks from Sales Manager Resume Examples 2018

  1. Do not use a generic resume. Read and understand the job posting to learn about the requirements of the employer.
  2. Pick keywords or phrases from the sales job posting and use those to highlight your value and potentials.
  3. Make an accomplishment-based resume. Do not list job duties. They already know about those. Write what your key accomplishments from the previous company.
  4. Make use of graphs, charts and other visuals if needed to highlight sales accomplishments.
  5. Use sales terminologies.

There you have your complete guide to a successful sales resume. Follow these rules, tips, and words to use and skip for a powerful sales CV.

Use sales resume examples 2018 today!