Are you looking for a job, planning to shift career, seeking for promotion or to upgrade your CV to fit a specific position you are seeking? The answer to all these questions revolves around great resume writing tips 2018, for knowledge and advice on how to implement the best ideas of great resume writing.

Now, your resume is an essential step in your job search. Recruiters use it as the main tool in shortlisting applicants because of time shortage. You can imagine a recruiter using only an hour to go through over five hundred resumes to determine who’s to be interviewed. That means he only takes an average of ten seconds to go through a few paragraphs of each to be able to get the interest of the employee, each one of them in as far as the position is concerned. For your resume to catch his attention, it has to be really good and well formatted with the right information he/she will probably be looking for. You can have your resume catch the recruiter’s attention by getting our quick tips about resume writing 2018. And here you can observe how creative resume examples 2018 will help you to achieve your goals.

Important Resume Writing Tips 2018 to Keep in Mind

  • Be objective: Have one objective in mind when writing your resume. This will help even in your one-on-one interview with your recruiter and market your qualifications and skills.
  • Avoid using pronouns: Your resume should never read “I” or “me”. For example, instead of saying “I worked for five years in ABC Bank as an XYZ”, just say “Worked for five years in ABC Bank as an XYZ”.
  • Self-branding: A resume gives you a chance to brand yourself by putting your best foot forward. So make the most out of it by putting down every relevant personal and career information about yourself.
  • Design and style: There are numerous resume templates online and you might be tempted just use one of them. You can be relevant in a unique way by comparing a couple of them than design for yourself a different layout to effectively sell your skills and make you stand out.
important resume tips 2018
  • Honesty: Never try to be crafty because the recruiter will eventually discover it. Be yourself by telling the truth about who you really are, your academics, skills, and expertise.
  • Use the right resume format: We’ve got three different resume formats (Chronological, functional and combined) your education background, work history and the position you are seeking will determine which format to use. For example, if you are seeking for promotion in a company you’ve worked for, for many years, then the chronological format is good for you.
  • Vocabulary conscious: With today’s advancement in technology, there have emerged reliable software for shortlisting resumes and you cannot ignore that fact because many employers now use them to view resumes. So, ensure your resume is rich in keywords related to the job position.
  • Education qualifications: This is important for any person fresh from college trying to enter the job market. So never omit any of your qualifications.
  • Career highlights: You can create a section in your CV to highlight your special qualifications and skills. The reason, you want to capture the recruiter’s three seconds attention.
  • Job description: Read through and understand the nature of the job before applying. Then customize your resume to suit the exact description. Research on the internet or use any other sources to have enough information about the company profile i.e. their culture, history, the products or services they offer and their salary rates.
  • You can also include some major recognitions or awards that you have received before. These awards have a great impact for they reveal to your prospective employer more about you.
  • Be precise and elaborative: Do not generalize your skills or achievements. For example, if your excellence in communication as a manager in ABC company enhanced integration among your subordinates, demonstrate how you effected that. If your input contributed to the growth in sales, explain how you made it happen.
  • Stationery: Your resume must be of high quality. Typeset and format it well with right font style, spacing, color (always black), and size (12). Use a good printer and paper (white) for legibility purposes.
  • Proofreading: You cannot afford to submit your resume with typos or poor grammar. The best thing to do is look for a friend or somebody who has an excellent command of written English and understands the job application rules to check for mistakes. It will create a good impression to your prospective employer that you are neat and detail oriented. Did you know, an omission of the full stop at the end of a sentence can have you disqualified? Now you do!
  • Contact information errors: Making mistakes in your contact information will definitely prevent your prospective employer from reaching out to you. Ensure you give contact details that will give him/her easy access to you. Never give a phone number that you are not using or an email address you hardly log into.
  • Unnecessary details: Your resume should be short and to the point. Yes, there is always that urge to give every detail but some details are not necessary. Avoid being too general for the employer will conclude that you are neither organized nor ready for the job.
  • Maintain the top to the bottom rule: This rule still speaks to date. Let the information you consider most relevant come first. This mostly captures the reader’s attention and eager to read the other details.
  • Clutter free: Ensure your resume is simple to read. Avoid usage of jargon for your prospective employer has no time to make reference to the dictionary and so he will easily get bored and dismiss your CV. Leave enough white space for ample reading.
  • No photos: Don’t attach any photo on your resume unless you have been asked to do so or you are in a profession like beauty or acting.
  • Demonstrate how you will make your contribution to the company. Remember you are being hired to solve business problems and increase profitability.

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Expert’s View on How to Write a Resume in 2018

Kerry Hannon, owner of Forbes and job recruiter says:

The key reason why many people spend their time, money and effort to write great resumes is that it’s the only thing in the entire job seeking process they are able to control. You know, they cannot give their prospective employers a phone call to engage them in a conversation or request for a face-to-face meeting about the job. Most likely they will get rejected big time.

The truth is, hardly can someone be hired immediately after submitting their resumes. The main purpose for a resume is for you to be called for an interview after serious scrutiny by the potential employer. So it serves as your only marketing tool to get the job you are seeking for. For a resume to prove unbeatable, it must be short and simple, not more than two pages, why? It takes employers an average of ten seconds to read individual resumes.

Great Tips for Writing a Resume 2018

An excellent resume must contain every required detail. The following are tips on resume writing 2018.

  • Right format: Ensure your resume falls under the three valid professional formats i.e. the reverse chronological, functional format or combined format.
  • The flow of information: The format you choose for your resume will determine how you will arrange your information in the right order.
  • Your resume must look stylish: it should have the right font size (not below 9 pts), style, page numbers and of course right spacing between the lines for ease of reading.
  • The key information to include in your resume is: Contact details, opening statement, key skills, technical skills, personal attributes, educational history, employment history, keywords, referees, and testimonials.
  • Never include your private details in your resume e.g. your health status.
  • Avoid typos as much as you can by proofreading before submitting.
  • Avoid PDF formatting because some recruitment software cannot read the file. Instead use .doc or .docx formats.
  • Don’t format any information in form of tables because the recruitment software cannot read them.

Mistakes People Make When Writing Resumes

By carefully following our tips on resume writing 2018. You can totally avoid the following mistakes when writing your CV.

  1. Grammatical errors and typos: It is possible not to spot any spelling mistakes in the work you have done on your own. So, look for someone to check for mistakes on your behalf.
  2. Ignoring the keywords: In today’s computer era, resumes are mostly viewed electronically. Without including the keywords that the recruiter provides, your resume may not make it.
  3. Using many words to express yourself: An average resume should be 2 pages long. So don’t be too wordy.
  4. Sounding Vague: A lot of resumes are disqualified because the employers lack specifics in objectives, qualities, skills etc.
  5. Being irrelevant: Your resume should be customized to suit the job description. It should also meet the professional standards of resume writing.

Samples of poorly written resumes: 

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Making a great resume can save you time, energy and money. It will also save you from unnecessary embarrassments, stress, and disappointments and guarantee you a special appointment with your prospective employer for the interview and eventually land your dream job. Learning the quick resume writing tips 2018 will enable you to achieve that.

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