Your resume design 2018 can either make or break your job future, can also open new doors for you and can give you the best first impression from the employers. When you give out your resume to companies, you are also basically selling yourself out so better make sure that it is well presented because it’s just like you in an interview. The career world is one tough world and the competition is really on. Your 2018 resume design with the perfect and right CSS colors used can help you beat the competitive society. Do you want to know what the 2018 resume trends are? Click here and discover!

Statistics about Resume Design 2018

  • The rejection rate when job seekers include a photo on their resume is 88%
  • 76% of resumes are rejected due to unprofessional email address
  • 427,000 resumes are posted on Monster
  • Yahoo always gets 2,000 resumes a day
  • There are 5% of job seekers who are dishonest about their previous jobs on their resumes
  • Due to grammar and spelling errors, 59% of job seekers got rejected.
  • Employers and recruiters rejected the 40% of people that put too many designs, inappropriate fonts and even with the use of emojis.
statistics about resume design 2018


Why does a stunning resume design 2018 matter to you? Recruiters and employers only take a few seconds to look on one resume and resumes with good design can make the content easier and much quicker to read. Your CV should catch an eye because most of the time, employers like a clean and simple design. Of course, the CV font matters because it should present the career qualifications clearly and shouldn’t give them hard work to understand it.

But how does it influence the job search? If you think that employers do not care much about should you design your resume 2018, well think again. If your resume design 2018 is neat enough, it can actually help them easily to find the important parts like your name, current employer, the previous one and your education. Using a resume design that seems to look like jagged and nothing is really well formatted, you are not and you will never get replies and messages.

Resumes That Can Be Your Resume Design Inspiration 2018

Sample Number 1

graphic designer resume sample
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This resume design is a bold header type. Your name has the largest font and bold at the same time. It is also a two-column resume. This is the most common one that job seekers use at often times because it is easy to make, neat and also clean. Sometimes, you have to overcome the fear of going big. It is also considered as the professional resume design 2018.


  • Employers can remember your name easily
  • Easy to read
  • Simple and neat


  • Perhaps, it can give you the wrong focus
  • The resume is too wordy
  • Some of the resume scanners won’t work on headers. Chances are, your resume might get lost in the shuffle
  • This resume listed down a lot of experiences rather than the skills and accomplishments

Sample Number 2

creative designer resume sample
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This resume has a dark background and the colors are well coordinated. It even has a picture included. Not everyone uses this kind of resume because it is very rare in the business world. To use this needs a bit of effort to get the right impact to the employers or recruiters. With a dark background kind of resume, you can be unique and might get the chance to standout with this resume design 2018.


  • It is totally a unique resume
  • A change of color scheme can attract employers


  • Some companies still prefer the white background
  • This resume includes long paragraphs
  • Other resumes with dark backgrounds and white text often get rejected

Sample Number 3

graphic designer resume template
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This resume clearly has different kinds of fonts. It is an interesting one of a kind resume due to the use of illustrations and also due to its color scheme. This 2018 resume design is visually great. It is visually engaging with using bar graphs and it can, in fact, attract employers.


  • Employers won’t spend the whole time reading this resume
  • It is not one of those boring resumes
  • It can give you a good impression due to the fact that it is created uniquely


  • You might choose a font that isn’t acceptable for resumes
  • It will consume all the time of the recruiters or employers looking at this resume

Wondering on How Should You Design Your Resume 2018? A List of Sites Where You Can Create Your Own

  1. VisualCV

VisualCV lets you create and build your resume with its interface that is easy to use. There is a free version of the site but it is better when you upgrade it to $12 a month. With this, you can have the unlimited access of their resume designs to let you make your stunning resume design 2018.

  1. Kickresume

When you create your CV through kickresume, the free version allows you to use its basic and limited templates, as well as its categories. But with the full version of the site, you can be able to create a CV with its unlimited and all its templates, categories, and the full customization. You just have to enter your information manually and you can download it as a PDF FILE.

  1. Canva

With Canva, you can create a visual resume with over 30 free templates you can use. Sometimes, they also provide the format if you do not know how to design. All you have to do is replace all the texts and information of your own. One thing great about Canva is, you can save it as a JPG, PDF or a PNG.

  1. CV Maker

Cv Makers is like the rest where you can manually put all your information- name, skills, experience and education. The free version of this site only allows you to use six free templates. The full version lets you put special sections on your CV that makes it look like a professional resume design 2018.

  1. VisualizeMe

Aside from Canva, VisualizeMe is another option for job seekers that want to create a visual resume design 2018. This site allows you to use different colors but you should also be aware of the type of job you are applying for because VisualizeMe has an infographic format.

If your resume design inspiration 2018 is full of colors and you also want to put various colors on your CV as well, be wise to choose on yours. Different colors in resumes have different meanings. Also, colors are usually applicable to borders, bullets and if you have any graphic to put, just don’t overdo it. Identify which colors to use depending on the trait your position needs to have. Always keep it professional.

  • Red. Use red if your position possesses passion, action, and courage.
  • Orange. The color orange is the position that has the traits of encouragement, productivity, strength, and determination.
  • Yellow. This is useful if you want to have the job where it requires optimism, positivity, and energy.
  • Blue. Blue is good if you are applying for a position that needs to have trust, reliability, and truth.
  • Purple. This color expresses spirituality, luxury, and inspiration.

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What Not to Use for Your Resume Design 2018

If a stunning resume design 2018 is getting you so excited because of the new formats, color schemes, and trends. Well, don’t get too overwhelmed because if there is Dos on a resume, there are also Don’ts. These things that are listed down should not be included on your resume for the sake of professionalism

  • Don’t use fonts like Futura, Courier, Brush Script, Comic Sans and Century Gothic.
  • Don’t use crazy colors that are too bright and too dark
  • Don’t use too big and too small font sizes
  • Don’t use Microsoft Word to make your resume design
  • Don’t use any fancy paper for your resume, use the standard one.
  • Don’t go too much with visuals, remember your resume should be professional

People who are job seeking, for now, are probably always thinking about how to stand out with lots of competition in the work world. There will be a lot of job openings but the question would be, who will get it? The tendency would be people having the same qualifications. Who will get noticed? It’s all down to your resume. A unique resume design 2018 can help you get to the top and it would be easier for employers to differentiate you among the other candidates. 

There are a lot of competitors out there in this competitive world. But don’t let it discourage you to stop dreaming and achieving your goals in life. You should always be active, keep looking out for fresh ideas and don’t let yourself be outdated by the constantly changing universe. A design can speak for you, a design can reflect your whole character and a design could never go wrong to impress people. Let your resume design 2018 save you in getting through job applications.

Use the best resume design 2018 today!