All businesses need a receptionist who represents the company and attends to guests when they arrive. This is why the position seems to be one of the most in demand jobs in almost all countries at all times. If you’re applying for this job or anything in relation to hospitality and management, it would be helpful to look for receptionist resume examples 2018 as they come in latest formats and content that employers are looking for in the next couple of years. Receptionists whose primary role is serving visitors need well-written resumes tailored according to their credentials and employer requirements. In this article, you will be provided with useful tips in using sample resumes for your ongoing or future applications.

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Job Descriptions and Qualifications of a Receptionist

A receptionist gives face to the business as he or she is the one responsible for accepting guests. In this relation, it is very important that an applicant is approachable, hospitable with knowledge about the company he or she represents, and is able to extent effort in maintaining good relation between guests and the business.  

In all receptionist resume samples 2018, you would notice that applicants include their skills and proficiency in the list of their qualifications. These are important to show the employer your credentials. One of the major requirements for a qualified receptionist is being proficient with Microsoft Office Suite. This includes typing and computing skills and writing simple communications such as letters and memos.

Communication Skills of a Receptionist

A receptionist applicant should have outstanding and solid communication skills. Remember, you are about to face different people – from diverse nationalities and social status – so it is important to express yourself and understand them well. In some receptionist resume format sample, you will notice applicants including their level of proficiency in different language, both in speaking and writing platforms. If you are speaking other major languages, it will be a plus in your application.

Statistics on Receptionist in Major Cities

Today, thousands of job openings for hospitality and management open in numerous cities in the US. In New York, NY alone, there are over 4211 job openings daily for receptionists alone. Listed below are the most popular cities for receptionist in the US.

  • New York, NY
  • Chicago IL
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Seattle, WA
  • Dallas, TX
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Washington, DC
  • Houston, TX
  • Portland, OR
  • Baltimore, MD

Receptionist Resume Format Sample: Top 10 Tips

receptionist resume writing tips
  1. Format your resume well. Your resume should look neat and well formatted. The recruiter needs to find all necessary information at the first 5-10 second-look on your document. A resume format for receptionist job is similar to others when it comes to formatting. Use the most common paper, a letter size because you don’t want your resume misplaced from other applicants. Here are some formatting guides: use the logical presentation, use white wide margins to make your resume look neat and clear, use readable fonts such as 10 points serif or sans serif typefaces, use of simple bullets to enumerate your accomplishments, use .doc or .docx for document format.
  2. Highlight accomplishments. Some applicants mistook accomplishments from job descriptions. Accomplishments are your contributions to the company, how well you managed your work while job descriptions are your routine jobs as an employee. Your accomplishments should be exclusive to you alone and not the list of someone’s job.
  3. Tailor your resume according to company’s need. If the company is looking for a receptionist with 3 year experience and you meet that requirement; focus on that highlight. Quantify and qualify the important milestones you did for the past 3 years of your job as a receptionist. 
  4. Use a summary of qualifications. The use of ‘Objective’ or ‘Career Objective’ in a resume is no longer a trend today. Recruiters and managers are looking for the highlights of your career for the past years and they want to see it as your summary of qualifications.
  5. Recent and relevant. It is no longer necessary to include your elementary education on your resume. For receptionist resume sample 2018, you will only find the most recent educational attainment such as college, on-the-job training, and previous experience included. Also, place only the relevant accomplishments and skills needed for the job you are applying for.
  6. Provide complete contact details. It is important to include your complete contact details (telephone number, address, and email) on your resume for easy communication.
  7. Use active voice. The use of active voice in highlighting your accomplishment is more professional. It means you’re proactive personnel instead of a passive one. It also helps you avoid too much word in your resume.
  8. Keep it short. The standard length of a resume is two pages maximum. Longer documents make managers yawn and junk your resume instantly.
  9. Use the first person but minimize it. If you notice in all searches for how to write a resume for receptionist, all samples were written in first person. This is to make sure that you are personally conveying your message to the person who is reading your document.  
  10. Review. Make sure that your resume is error-free. Check spelling, tenses, verbs, and all information therein.

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Words to Use and Skip

The following are the powerful words to use in a resume:

  1. Administered
  2. Coordinated
  3. Created
  4. Designed
  5. Developed
  6. Founded
  7. Implemented
  8. Initiated
  9. Managed
  10. Organized

The following are the least words/phrases to use in a resume:

  1. Experience working in
  2. Familiar with
  3. Handled
  4. Hardworking
  5. Helped
  6. Proactive
  7. Problem-solving skills
  8. Responsible for
  9. Salary negotiable
  10. Worked

Tips from the Experts

The following are tips from experts on how to write receptionist resume:

According to Robert Half,

  1. Highlight your communication skills, oral and written. You must also write about your sharp listening skills.
  2. Write about your multitasking skills.
  3. Include details about how you organize and prioritize things.
  4. Another excellent ability of receptionist is her organization skills. You may include knowledge about a filing system.
  5. Write about your technical skills. Do you know desktop publishing, Excel or any other industry related software?
  6. Write your interpersonal skills.

Snag a job stated,

  1. You need to include highlights on your skills and responsibilities. Think about frontline skills, and include them in your application.
  2. Write important skills, including front desk reception skills.

The Job Network said that,

  1. You must include your interpersonal skills, including on good ethics via email, on the phone, and in person.
  2. Write about technical skills, including typing skills of up to 100 WPM.

Using Samples for Resume Writing

An online receptionist free sample resume is a helpful guide for applicants, especially for fresh grads. In using a sample, make sure you only get the parts suited for your application needs.

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Tricks and Hacks in Resume Writing

As you finalize your resume for submission, you can incorporate these tricks to make it more compelling:

  1. Include online contacts and networks (emails, LinkedIn Profile, link to your website if there is any).
  2. Use innovative designs.
  3. Include statistics.
  4. Include a cover letter.
  5. Submit online application.

Applying for a receptionist position entails resume work and updating. If you’re using receptionist resume examples 2018, there are numerous guides you can find online. These are helpful samples, both for professionals and career starters. So what are you waiting for? Check out these samples and learn how to write receptionist resume.

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