Are you looking for nursing resume examples 2018? Nursing jobs are all around the world. To be able to land a nursing employment, one of the qualifications is to be a registered nurse. However, there is one more important thing to consider, your resume. A resume is not just a simple paper. It is a pass and a qualification to get the job you are aiming for. A resume is a reflection of your personality and work ethics. It is the first impression you can give to your future employers. The resume you will submit is the start of your successful career as a nurse. If you are looking for the executive resume examples 2018, you can take advantage of them here.

Career Overview with Facts & Stats

Nursing jobs are popular. They are mostly in demand in countries such as Australia, United Kingdom, and America. These countries, as well as others, look for certain qualifications. Some need pre-registration, and others need you to become a licensed practical nurse. This is why many students prefer to study abroad and become a registered nurse for easier employment.

Opportunities in the said field are countless, some of them are hospital nurses, long-term nurses, and office nurse. Landing in a nursing job allows you to earn money to support your needs and even your wants. The salary ranges from $70,000 to even $100,000 depending on your position.

Tips for Nursing Resume

If you are having a hard time starting your resume, have a look at these tips that will help you how to write a resume for nursing.

nursing resume writing tips
  1. Make a Cover Letter. This will show more formality when you are applying for a job. Many nursing resumes examples 2018 will also advise you to include such. This will also quickly show what you want to apply. This will give the hiring officer an idea why you are passing a resume.
  2. Write your Contact details. Never forget to put your full name, numbers, email address, and other contracts so the company can easily reach you when needed.
  3. Construct a strong and smart career objective. Get the hiring officer’s attention quickly with your career objective. An employee who knows exactly what he wants will give an impression of focus, passion, and determination when it comes to his career. So, inform immediately the hiring officer what and who you are, and where you are going to. Make a description of yourself, which best portrays the job you are applying for. Some of the things you can also include in your career objective are your experiences and attributes that would entice the hiring officer to go further with your resumes, like your efficiency, versatility, knowledge and other abilities.  
  4. Write about your Clinical Experience. In the career objective, you gave an overview of your experience. In this section, you have to go on details. Take note of three things, one, the skills you have learned, two, your experiences which are advisable in bullet form, and three, the tools you have used. This kind of format will give the hiring officer a clearer view of what you have to offer for the company.
  5. Some other activities that make you more qualified. This section entails your to mention the activities you have done after leaving the university. These activities include internships, voluntary works, memberships in professional organizations, and achievements you may have gained from these activities.
  6. Project your major achievements. Many recruiters go on the achievements section right away. Mention at least three main achievements you are most proud of which would separate you from other applicants. This can also include your achievements during your nursing education. Start with the most recent ones.
  7. Mention your Licenses and Certifications. The licenses and certifications will boost your resume’s credibility. And to become a stronger applicant, remember to put the name of the certification or license, where they are valid, and when they are still effective. Examples of these are your being licensed practical nurse and certified registered nurse anesthetist.
  8. Use strong keywords. Some of the keywords you have to include will be mentioned later. Keywords and phrases are important for your resume to show up in searches.
  9. Look for nursing resume templates. Try to make a research of nursing resume samples 2018so you will have a bigger view of what they should look like. Look for the year 2018 to be more updated.
  10. Be true and confident in your resume. State facts, and sound confident in your resume. Remember, your resume is the first impression you are giving to the recruiters.
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What to Include in Resume & Skip

Some applicants fail to get a nursing job because they miss out some things in their resumes, while some add unnecessary details. Here are tips for nursing resume on what should you include and what you should skip.

What you should include

  1. Professional Affiliations and memberships in the nursing field
  2. Achievements and awards in school, affiliations, works and social clubs.
  3. Nursing Education details and degrees
  4. Nursing license and certification specifics like being licensed practice nurse and certified registered nurse anesthetist.
  5. Availability when it comes to shifts and relocation
  6. Knowledge and experience with technology used in the field
  7. Kinds and number of facilities you have worked in
  8. Number and types of patients you have handled
  9. Duties in your Clinical Experiences
  10. Accomplishments from your Clinical Experiences

What to skip

One tip on how to write a resume for nursing is to remove unnecessary details. Do not mention details, which are not connected in nursing. Also, avoid general statements, like “provided patient care”. The recruiter appreciates it more if you will go on to details.

10 Powerful Words to Use and to Skip

  1. Clinical
  2. Skill
  3. Education
  4. Patients
  5. Certifications
  6. Planned
  7. Experiences
  8. Scheduled
  9. Updated
  10. Wrote

What to skip

  1. Communication skills
  2. Excellent interpersonal skills
  3. Willing to work on a shifting schedule
  4. Hard working
  5. Results-oriented
  6. New
  7. Made
  8. Self-motivated
  9. Persons
  10. Results-oriented

10 Pieces of Advice from the Expert

Nursing JHU stated that,

  1. You should summarize your abilities into up to five categories. It may also be written as skill sets.
  2. Write the career section as a broad overview, and don’t forget including samples to show your abilities in the Professional Experience.
  3. You must also use keywords.

Up to Work said that,

  1. Applicants must choose a reverse-chronological format. It will emphasize on the education and experience.
  2. Make use of white space and subheadings.
  3. Use a legible font.
  4. Save your resume as a PDF to retain the layout.
  5. Add licensing information including number and type.
  6. said that applicants must be honest.
  7. said that you could include professional affiliations in your resume.  Add your affiliation name, admission date, offices held and short summary of your roles.

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How to Use Samples for Resume Writing

There are many 2018 nursing resume examples you can check out. Since they are countless, you may have a problem figuring out how to write a nursing resume for a job using these samples. As a tip, gather these samples. Read them. From these nursing resume samples 2018, try making your own. Do not simply copy all the details; just use these samples as your guide.

Make your own resume. Own your resume. It is important to own your resume because interview questions may be based on the details you have provided. You have to know what exactly is on your resume so you can confidently answer everything that will be thrown to you.

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2018 Nursing Resume Examples: Tips and Tricks

  1. Apply continuously. One company may have more than one job vacancies. Try passing resumes to these vacancies.
  2. Ask for recommendations from your current employees to make your qualifications stronger.
  3. Contact your connections in the healthcare industry to know exactly what companies look for. And you will never know, your connections might offer you employment.
  4. After graduation, earn as many experiences as you can get. Be aggressive as you can be. You will thank yourself for getting in these experiences when you will make your resume and when you already got the job.
  5. Remember to think positive. There is nothing wrong in being optimistic.

If you want to get a nursing job this 2018, make your resume worth reading for.  Follow these tips for writing a nursing resume and recommendations, and surely, you will get the nursing job you are eyeing for. Pass your resume and be a nurse practitioner now.

Choose the right nursing resume examples 2018 today!