In today’s competitive society for those seeking for positions in the job market, a CV is the most vital document at your disposal to secure yourself an interview. It is not just about writing or choosing the  best font for resume 2018  and sending a resume but also using powerful phrases to impress the hiring manager. Time to use cliché words like “Think outside the box” or “Hard worker” is gone if you really are serious about getting the job you are applying for. Wrong or clichéd words or phrases easily ruin the reviewer’s interest and the opposite is true. Learning about the key resume words 2018 will go a long way in ensuring a resume is up to the standard that it cannot be ignored by the hiring manager. Our team will help you know about the CV buzzwords, the verbs, and adjectives you need to use with examples on how to apply them in order to increase your chances of getting hired.

Why It Is Important to Use Key Resume Words 2018

It becomes a bit challenging sometimes to describe yourself especially if you are told to do it in one sentence, you may see how to do it with our it resume examples 2018. Now that’s where the right words come in. Without having the right words or phrases you will bit about the bush and at the end of the day, you will have used almost a hundred words. Irrespective of your various achievements, qualifications or your personality, there is always a power word or phrase to use for each. Using these key words to show your abilities, knowledge, and skills without sounding cliché shows the hiring manager that you know exactly what you are doing and are serious about getting the position. He will definitely give you a chance.

There is a recent study which showed that hiring managers spend an average of 6.25 seconds scanning through an applicant’s resume before making a decision on whether to consider him or her for the job. Another new survey on 2,200 HR workers and job recruiters conducted by ‘CareerBuilder’ revealed that your CV may get some more time in the hands of the hiring manager before it's put in a “no” pile. 17% of job recruiters said they spent less than 30 seconds. 68% said they go through a resume for an average of 2 minutes before going to the next one.

In terms of usage of words on the resume, they were asked to give advice on the words they consider in selecting job candidates. They said like this: Avoid using self-praise phrases like “go-getter”, self-motivated etc. Instead, you can describe some of your achievements using words like “improved”, “increased” or “created” with specific explanation containing facts and figures on how you achieved that. For Instance, if you contributed to the boost of sales in company x, state the figures. In other words, instead of just saying how “results-driven” you are, how about showing those results.

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Powerful Words to Use and Avoid in Resume 2018 to Impress the Hiring Manager

             Words to use in resume 2018 

                    Words not to use in a resume 2018

Based on the “CareerBuilder” survey these words were found to be the ideal action words for resume 2018 mostly preferred by the employers. If you professionally express yourself by use of these words, you have 80% chances to be considered. The following are key resume words 2018 to use when applying for a job and samples of these words in sentence from resumes

  As compared to the best key resume words 2018    recommended by employers, most of the poor or irrelevant      words/phrased will always require you to use pronoun “I” to    make a comprehensive sentence about either your objectives  or achievement. When you tell the hiring manager that you are  a “results-driven” person, he is not interested in what you think  about yourself, rather show him the results. Never use  the   following words on your resume.



A go-getter in all my endeavors.


Think outside of the box:

I always think outside the box when it comes to solving business problems


Go-to person:

I am a go-to person to get your work done quickly and effectively


Thought leadership:

I am a thought leadership individual and a trusted source who inspires others with creative and innovative ideas.


Value add:

I am a value add a person to whatever I work on.



I am a result driven person whereby I calculate the outcome of a project before tackling it.


Team player:

I am a professional team player



Experienced in computer applications, data analytics, and web design

Increased / Decreased

Hard worker:

I am a hard worker in all fields of operation


Strategic thinker:

I am a strategic thinker to make sure goals and objectives have been met



I am dynamic in nature to ensure every problem is solved and change is implemented to ensure progress and productivity.



I am a self-motivated person

Revenue / Profits


I am detail oriented who pays attention even to the nitty gritty issues that affect effectiveness.

Under budget


I am passionate about what I do



I am a focused person who ensures missions and visions are always met


Problem-solving skills:

I possess problem-solving skills



I am always proactive in talking every problem

Writing a resume can be a complicated task but using the best words for resume 2018 will help you to make it outstanding and totally winning.

If you want to hear “You are hired” use key resume words 2018. Getting the job of your dreams is easy with our bits of advice. Find more tips on our website.