Are you looking for IT resume examples 2018? If so, then this guide is for you!   If working in the information technology sector is what you want, you must write your application in a targeted manner. It will help you display the things you can bring to the table and your prominent skills required to handle the job well. Can't decide which 2018 resume format to choose? Visit this page and make up your mind!

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Information Technology Career Overview

Before using resume examples 2018 for IT, you must know what career opportunity waiting for you in the field. According to, the employment for professionals in the computer and information technology field will be growing 12% within 2012-2024. The rate is faster than the average for other occupations.

  • 488,500 new jobs will be added to reach 4.4 million from 3.9 million
  • Annual median wage $82,860 (May 2016)
  • For Computer and Information Research Scientists, $111,840 median 2016 

Tech Job Highest Paying Cities

According to Blog Infinity, highest-paying cities in 2015 are the following. ***Data versus last year’s average salary

  1. Silicon Valley - $112,600, which increased by 3.7%
  2. Seattle - $99,400, which was up by 4.6%
  3. Washington, DC - $98,300 rose by 0.8%
  4. Boston - $97,300 increased by 0.8%
  5. Sacramento - $96,800, increased by 13.7% 

Seattle, according to FORBES, records one of the fastest-growing tech markets for jobs.

tech job highest paying cities

2018 IT Resume Format Examples: How to Write an IT Resume

  1. The contact information should be updated, along with the personal information.  You must include a professional email address, updated contact number, and home address. If you plan on moving, you must write two addresses. Bold and format your name bigger than the rest.
  2. Show your technical skills. You should have a technical expertise or technical summary section. You can break the section for subcategories for easy reading.
  3. Use a career summary, not an objective section.
  4. Emphasize on the technical results. For every position, you must write about performance. Write a short summary of your responsibility and then the value you added. How did you overcome challenges? How did your performance solve issues in the company?
  5. Add keywords to show experience and target the job.
  6. Know about attention spans. Anything that markets you must be at the top of the page.
  7. Use a one-page resume format.  Check out IT professional resume examples 2018 and find how to write it.  The one-page format is precise and more attention grabbing than long resumes.
  8. Use technical summaries instead of general summaries. Determine strong IT keywords and use them in the summaries.
  9. Highlight employment dates for them to see how long your experience has been or how long have you been unemployed.
  10. Highlight accomplishments, not job duties. 
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What to Include

Professionals like web developers should know what to write in their application. It must be targeted and specific to highlight their expertise and core skills to perform the job right.

  • Technical summary
  • Technical skills
  • Major accomplishments
  • Buzzwords or keywords
  • Positions
  • Dates of employment
  • Action words
  • Company or organization name 

What to Skip

In the IT resume examples 2018, you’d notice that applicants are skipping outdated sections and replacing them with current ones.  See the following for more information.

  • Career objective
  • References section
  • All work experiences
  • Irrelevant skills

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10 Powerful Words to Use in Resume Examples 2018 for IT

When writing the sample resume summary for it professionals, you must think of the keywords to include. These are powerful words that display your core competencies and skills for the job. For inspiration, see the following list for web development 2018, computer and IT related job applicants.

  1. Achieved
  2. Accomplished
  3. Adapted
  4. Employed
  5. Designed
  6. Balanced
  7. Collaborated
  8. Configured
  9. Integrated
  10. Performed

Worst Resume Words

  1. Go-getter
  2. Attention to details
  3. Synergy
  4. Think outside of the box
  5. Best of breed
  6. Go-to person
  7. Hard worker
  8. Results-oriented
  9. Strategic thinker
  10. Innovative 
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IT Resume Sample 2018: Pro Tips

Aside from knowing what technical information, you must also use some pro tips that can make a better application. See the following for a start.

  1. Tracy Cashman from MASHABLE said that dates matter. Be clear of your employment dates. Recruiters and companies want to see months aside from years.
  2. According to base36, you should avoid too long resumes.
  3. Vault recommended customizing your resume and avoiding generic ones.
  4. Vault Careers also stated applicants should be concise.  Avoid typos and poor resumes.
  5. Job Hunt also suggested,
  6. Not using traditional objective section
  7. You must also categorize your tech competencies, including on operating systems, tools, and methodologies.
  8. Write your learning in the experience section – including that through training. You must also go into details about projects you have accomplished.
  9. Highlight transferable skills. Include core skills relevant to the job for which you’re applying.
  10. Include keywords to be visible for applicant tracking systems.
  11. When possible, add testimonials.

How to Use IT Resume Examples 2018

Even if there is the best IT resume format 2018 from samples, know how t o use them correctly.  Choose what works based on your industry and job role. Find that and modify with your details. Save the file in PDF. Submit it.

Best IT Resume Format 2018 Tricks

  1. Find a job to apply before writing the resume. Look for keywords in the posting and use them to highlight your value for those requirements.
  2. Target the resume based on your industry. Do not send a generic one you have sent across employers.
  3. Use a one-page format if you can.
  4. Use an A4 size paper, choose Calibri and size 12, and use only black font color.
  5. Check for typos and spelling mistakes in your resume.

Use this guide in writing an information technology related resume.  Know what to include and what to skip as well as keywords to use and skip.  Finally, proofread and edit your resume before sending it.

Refer to IT resume examples 2018 for more help today!