Do you need engineering resume examples 2018? Engineering is one of the most popular college majors in the world. Many choose this profession because of its broad scope. There is more than one kind of engineering courses, which will suit someone’s skills, abilities, and personality. Additionally, employment is just around the corner. But despite this big opportunity in the field, an aspiring engineer has to be hired.

And one of the requirements for an engineering job is a resume. There is a lot of engineering resume examples 2018 that you can check online. But before digging into them, you might want to check out what this article would give you. This article will give you tips and pieces of advice for your engineering resume to help you get employed. Keep in mind one of the things you have learned in engineering in your resume, and that is to think creatively. Do you need the business resume examples 2018? You may click the link and observe some of them.

Career Overview with Stats

Even if engineering requires students to understand complex mathematical analysis, many are still into it. As mentioned in the introduction, engineering jobs are all around the world. In the United States, engineering opportunities are overflowing. There are more than one million of engineering jobs. There is a lot of room for civil, industrial, mechanical, electrical, electronics, mining and geological, petroleum, and other kinds of engineers.

This is why each field requires a different attack in a resume. So, you can check example for the field you are applying for like 2018 electrical engineering resume sample. Engineering is also one of the highest paid jobs in the world. Salary may start from $40 dollars per hour. So, there is no really an argument why many are into engineering.

According to, people working in the engineering and architecture jobs earned $77,900 (2016), and their salaries were higher than other occupations.  Professionals received $37,040.

Resume Writing Tips Engineering

A resume is somehow the most powerful tool to get a job, and that does not exempt engineering. Since there are many areas in engineering, it is important to be aware of what should be in them. There is no harm in checking 2018 electrical engineering resume sample for such specific field. But as to give you an overview of what should be done in your engineering resume, here are tips you can consider when making one.

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  1. Make a cover letter.  Even if this is a traditional one, still, for employment purposes, it is effective. You can check engineering resume cover letter examples 2018 on the internet for templates and have a bigger view of it. Cover letters are important for recruiters to know exactly what you want from them. And it is also a sign of formality.
  2. Have strong career objective. Your career objective should embody your aims with regard to your employment in the company. While some say that you can remove this section in your resume, many still believe and recommend it. For career objective to be necessary, it should be in connection to the qualifications to the job you are applying for. State only those, which are essential. With this, the hiring officer would know where are you going and what could be the possible things you may offer to the company in the near future.
  3. Check your grammar. Many applicants fail to get hired because they forget to proofread their resumes. Some resumes are in bullet form, but this does not mean that proofreading should be dispensed with. It is important to have a correct and grammar to be more credible.
  4. Keep it simple and short.  You are not the only applicant to be screened. Recruiters have to accommodate many resumes in one day. They will screen it and reject those, which are not really that interesting. So say exactly what you want to point out.
  5. Use keywords. This is in connection with number 4. Keywords are important for hiring officers to see you resume instantly.
  6. Brag about your qualifications like how well you understand mechanical concepts. Do this well. This includes the degree, licenses, and certifications you have earned.
  7. Mention about your professional experiences that also helped you develop new solutions to problems. Recruiters may either jump to the qualification section or the experience part. Companies want to hire people who have already experienced something in the industry they are applying for. The projects you have made are also included in this section. In that way, the company can say that you are an asset. Because you may never know, you might again develop new solutions to problems while working in the company you are applying for.
  8. Tell your accomplishments. Accomplishments cover your honors and awards in your education years and professional experiences. You can also put your recognitions when you competed and was able to understand complex mathematical analysis.
  9. Make your resume presentable. Follow the format given. If none, then make it presentable by observing margins, using bullets, dividing your thoughts into paragraphs, and putting things in order.
  10. Include facts. Do not pretend. State only things that are true because it is possible that interview questions might be formulated out of the resume you have passed.

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What to Include

In your engineering resume, you can include the following:

  1. Professional affiliations and memberships in organizations and groups in the engineering industry
  2. Specific details of your licenses and certificates
  3. Location, year, position from your professional experiences
  4. Specific details of your engineering education
  5. Major projects that you may have done

What to Skip

Skipping unnecessary things is one of the engineering resume writing tips you might want to consider. Disregard your hobbies and interests which are not really in connection with engineering and for the job you are applying for. Avoid also making general statements; go into details especially when it comes to qualifications. Do not mention also awards that are not connected in engineering.

A List of 10 Powerful Words to Use and Skip

Powerful words to use

Here are the words to use in your paper so that it would look more appealing for the prospective employers.

  1. Altered
  2. Balanced
  3. Calculated
  4. Examined
  5. Formulated
  6. Rated
  7. Studied
  8. Tested
  9. Utilized
  10. Verified

Check out the following for words that you must avoid using in your resume.

  1. Changed instead of altered
  2. Equal instead of balanced
  3. Counted instead of calculated
  4. Observed instead of examined
  5. Made instead of formulated
  6. Gave a score instead of rated
  7. Learned instead of studied
  8. Tried instead of tested
  9. Used instead of Utilized
  10. Corrected instead of Verified
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10 Pieces of Advice from the Expert

  1. Know your audience, according to Footprints Recruiting. You need to know and remember who will read the resume.
  2. Use action verbs, according to  Words, like organized, accomplished, directed, managed, taught, collaborated and activated, are useful.
  3. The same source stated that you could also use ideas related keywords, including coordinated, proposed, educated, created, presided, developed and synthesized.
  4. Use bullets for paper and standard versions, according to
  5. Another advice is to add special skills.
  6. Money US News stated you must write about awards if you have them.
  7. According to The Guardian, you may also want to add a video presentation to show your personality.
  8. Business Insider added that you must display your abilities and potentials.
  9. According to Live Career, you should also use a summary in your resume.
  10. Tracy Cashman of the Mashable said that you should be clear of your employment dates.

How to Use Samples for Resume Writing

Look at recent templates and examples for you to know how to write a resume for an engineering job. Make them as your guideline like when you want to have tips for engineering resume cover letter examples 2018. Do not copy verbatim. Make your own resume and know it by heart.

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How to Write a Resume for Engineering Job: Tricks for Successful Application

  1. Ask for recommendations from people in the engineering industry you have already worked with.
  2. Contact persons who are in the engineering industry and ask exactly what do companies look for in an applicant. You may also ask for their tips on how to write a good engineering resume.
  3. Apply in as many vacancies you can qualify for the company to know that you are really interested in joining them.  Do not send a generic application, though.
  4. Apply early.
  5. Be optimistic in your resume.

Writing an engineering resume needs you to think creatively about what you have done in your outputs and major projects in engineering. Think of the resume as your major project that would need a lot of focus and skills, so you can get the outcome you desire. There is no harm in knowing how to write a resume for an engineering job.  It is actually recommended.

Choose from the engineering resume examples 2018 today!