Many people miss out on great job opportunities, not because they lack the required skills or academic qualifications for those particular jobs but due to poorly designed resumes when making their applications. A resume is what speaks on your behalf and shows the recruiter exactly who you are. It also gives you a chance to create your first positive impression to the employer. Are you planning to seek for employment soon and probably wondering how to write a catchy resume. No worries, we can help you make your dream come true. Just click here to view our best free resume templates 2018 to enable you to create a professional resume to impress your prospective employer. You can learn here what is preferable to include into resume examples 2018.

Why Should You Choose the Best Free Resume Templates 2018 for Your CV?

Your resume is meant to impress the employer and so it is important for you to choose from our professional resume templates 2018, the right template when writing because of the following reasons.

why choose best cv templates
  • Style: It will Guide you into putting down on paper exactly what is required by the employing company. Some employers demand resumes written in a specific style.
  • Precision: You will ensure only the vital information is provided.
  • Format: You will be able to use the right and if possible current or latest format according to the recruiter’s instructions.
  • Content: You will be able to provide the exact information required in all sections in CV i.e. not too little or too much unnecessary information. This will have a negative impact. Employers don’t have time to go through every detailed resume.

How to Choose the Right Format from Our 2018 Best Resume Templates to Suit Your Needs

Our good resume templates 2018 basically come in three formats and so your choice of format depends on your job history or the kind of job you are applying for. Free professional resume templates 2018 online will enhance your knowledge as you learn about their uniqueness before you choose the one suitable for the position you are applying for.

  • Chronological: Works in a reverse way. You list your education and employment history beginning from the most recent backward.
  • Functional: showcases what your skills are based on your past achievements.
  • Combination: Combines both the chronological and functional.
  • Now the main factor to consider before deciding on the right resume format to use is the layout that suits your needs and who you are.

The chronological format is appropriate for people who have followed the same career path for a long period and are applying for a similar job in another company. Most employers prefer chronological format because it’s easy to analyze quickly what an employee has done over the past years. For example, the administrative personnel who progress from lower ranks to the top. It shows their work history progressively. The chronological format is also good for persons who are starting to build their career from the mid-level. This format must always contain the following categories:

  • Objective statement
  • Experience or qualifications
  • Education

Functional format is a great idea for people who are changing their careers or whose work history is not consistent-contains many gaps. It’s also good for people who are targeting a specific position and need a resume that outlines specific skills related to the position. This format mostly focuses on skills than on work history, which makes it good for people just venturing into the job market. This format must contain the following order of categories:

  • Objective statement
  • Achievements
  • Work experience
  • Education

The combination resume is good for people whose career is not steady and always want to move from one career field to another and so it highlights the skills-set relevant to a certain position. This format must always contain the following order of categories:

  • Objective statement
  • Achievements
  • Experience
  • Education  2018

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Make Use of 2018 Professional Resume Templates

You might probably be wondering how these resume templates 2018 professional look like. Well, here are the different formats.

Chronological template

chronological resume template
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This format is able to handle some complex issues like unemployment, age etc., and it's always easy to provide every information required within a short time. This can also include your personal information.

- By Susan Ireland, Resume Professional

Functional template 

functional resume template
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Most employers don’t like functional resume format. If you can please avoid using it, unless you’ve been requested to do so.

- By Susan Ireland, Resume professional

Combination template

combination resume template
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This format is appropriate for someone who has done many jobs and wants to give meaning to each one of them.

- By Susan Ireland, Resume professional

Since your resume format choice depends on who you are and kind of position you are seeking, the advantages though of using chronological format outweighs its disadvantages.

Advantages of Using Chronological Format

  • It is the most preferred format by majority employers because it outlines clearly your work and education history from the recent time going back, it saves much of their time when scanning through.
  • It is a tool to tell your story in a simple way. Sometimes it becomes difficult to explain your work history in an interview. The chronological resume format enables you to do that with ease and confidence.
  • It acts as a conversation tool for job recruiters especially during the interview process, making it smooth as it describes the kind of jobs you have done at certain periods of time.
  • It is able to market your upward mobility. This is in terms of your previous job titles and duties. It showcases your progression, something many employers like. This gives you a higher chance of receiving a phone call and interview in no time after submitting your application.

You agree with me that chronological resume is the best for everyone seeking for a job? Sure it is, as this quote goes:

I will admit that there are some strategic reasons as to why you should sometimes use a functional resume or even a hybrid resume. Still, you will need to have a chronological resume as a backup. The resume is really just a marketing piece to get your foot in the door. You will want a resume that does the very best job of selling you.

- Jonathan Milligan

Disadvantages of Using Chronological Format

  • It is non-accommodative for people who keep changing careers.
  • It quickly shows the employer the gaps in your employment history and things like frequent job alterations. If this is the case for you, then the chronological format is not for you.

Choosing from the best resume templates 2018 free of charge, to create CV easily is one step away from landing on your career job. It can prove to be a daunting task though if you are not sure how well to go about it. That means creating a wrong first impression in the employer. It is possible to forget how great and competitive resumes are written if you have not done it in a long time or if it is your first time to venture into the job market. You don’t have to worry anymore. We are here to simplify your CV writing to make sure you get that dream job. Our best free resume templates 2018 will enable you to format your CV in the right style including every detail required.

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