Every job seeker always desires to put their best foot forward through the resume in order to make a great first impression. Now you may have the best-required skills and academic qualifications put on paper ready to impress your prospective employer. We can first take a look at best font for resume 2018 before you make your submissions so as to get a call for an interview. If I may ask, how does your resume look like? Does it contain every detail to the later? Besides the right format, style and number of pages, an outstanding resume must be in one of the required official fonts for legibility. Never use fancy unreadable fonts because your CV will be totally rejected. You may be asking yourself, “What best font can I use then?” No worries, our goal is to make you learn on what font to use for resume 2018 so that you can have your CV complete and professionally presentable. Discover how the sample of a resume 2018 can help you achieve your goals!

Why You Should Choose the Best Font for Resume 2018

The best font is actually the one considered official and professional. It should have the following characteristics:

  1. Easy at a glance: It should be easily readable electronically and by human eyes. The reader ought not to strain when going through your resume. Many resumes are taken through the initial viewing stage electronically before they are read with human eyes.
  2. Clear in all forms: Some fonts become illegible or distorted e.g. if you change them into italics or bold, making it hard to read.
  3. Non-distracting: The best font should not distract the attention of the reader. When your prospective employer is going through your skills and qualifications, they should stand out not the font you have used.

The font that you use can say a lot about you making it possible for your potential employer to have an inside view of your personality and professionalism. This alone may determine whether you are shortlisted for interview or not. Consider the following when making your choice of best font for resume 2018 to use.

  1. Your audience: If you are applying for an administrative position, then automatically your employer is serious business without much creativity and wastage of time. The best font to use in this case is Times New Roman.
  2. Pick one or two and stick to them: Don’t try to use more than two fonts on your one-page resume. It will be too much.
  3. The “Typeface influence”: There was an article in the New York Times which said, it has been proven that Comic Sans always make people doubt you and Baskerville can influence people to actually believe what you are telling them.
  4. Focus on readability more than creativity: It is true some fonts are really appealing to the eye. An essential thing is to use simple and readable one can impress the potential employer.

The Best Fonts to Use on Your Resume 2018

resume fonts 2018
  1. Calibri. It is the default Microsoft Word font, looks excellent and universally readable. It is quite a familiar font for people who use computer screens. It is legible even when changed to italics, bold or minimized. A 12pt Calibri is able to produce a 2-page resume of between 500-750 words.
  2. Helvetica. A modern font mostly used by typographers and designers, and appears on many business brand logos like Nestle. Helvetica is mostly common on Macs as opposed to PC.
  3. Georgia. Georgia is available and easily readable on any computer. It has similar attributes like Garamond and is more appealing on screen compared to paper print-out.
  4. Aerial. This font is widely popular and quite neutral. It is one of the best options when it comes to resume writing. Easy to read as it makes the sentence lines look clean and corporate.
  5. Garamond. This font is old-style but very classic, timeless and always gives out that elegant feel. The suitable choice for job seekers. Readable on both screen and in print.
  6. Cambria. Though not as formal as Times New Roman, many employers are quite familiar with it because it works well for resumes.
  7. Didot. Dibot can work well for people in the creative industry like photography. If you really have to use it, then do it on headings.

2018 Resume Font You Should Never Use on Your Resume

  1. Futura. This font was designed in Germany in 1920s. Although it looks attractive and legible futura cannot be on resumes.
  2. Courier. When printed on paper, one can easily think it has been done by an electric typewriter. Though legible and neat, it somehow looks unnatural.
  3. Brush script.  Created in 1942, Brush script is quite fancy, which definitely disqualifies it from being used on resumes. However, some creative industries allow its use for the purposes of enhancing resumes’ appearance.
  4. Comic Sans. Using Comic Sans on your resume is considered the worst sin. This font was created in 1994 and was meant to be used on comic book speech bubbles.
  5. Century Gothic. Century Gothic looks quite modern and friendly to read but very inappropriate for resumes. Due to its thin weight, it will be hard to read if minimized to a smaller size.
  6. Papyrus. Unless someone is not serious about getting a job, there is no other reason whatsoever why this font can be used on a resume. It actually looks interesting and readable but considered second worst for resumes after Comic Sans.

Observe resume writing tips 2018 that will help you to format your resume perfectly!

What Is the Right Font Size for Resume 2018 to Use

Some people argue that resume font size does not really matter as long as the resume is legible and contains the right information. Wrong, it does! Your main aim when writing a resume is to make it as easy as possible for the recruiter to see all your key qualifications at a glance. If the font size you’ve used is too small, it will be hard for him/her to read unless with the aid of glasses. Well, another person may say, “But I wanted it to fit in one page!” It is not a must to minimize or maximize resume in order to fit on one page because this might betray you in terms of standards. Some resume reviewers may be of the age whereby it is close to impossible for them to read small prints. If you put large font, it means your resume will be over two pages long, a reason for it to be put in the “no” pile.

The best resume font size 2018 to use mostly depends on style and layout of CV you have chosen. For instance, if you are using Arial or Calibri, 12 point size is great, although Calibri is a bit smaller than Arial. If you are making your application online, try to compare font you are using based on 12 point size. Increasing Calibri to 12.5 points can, in fact, do your resume justice. Try not to go below 11 points for whatever reason because it will force the reader to squint. For the hard copy resume, you can first print out a draft copy to see how it looks before you make the final copy.

The Most Used Resume Font 2018 by Job Seekers

Many job candidates ask themselves, “What font should I use for my resume 2018 to make my resume stand out?” There are numerous official fonts you can use on your resume. Different employers prefer different font styles. Others specify for applicants the font to be used on resumes as part of the qualifications for the job post. Nevertheless, there are a couple of fonts that are mostly used on resumes worldwide.

  1. Arial
  2. Garamond
  3. Calibri
  4. Georgia
  5. Helvetica

These five fonts share almost the same characteristics. Their legibility is never altered in case of change of form like italics, bold or small fonts. Times New Roman used to be the world’s favorite seems like its time has come to an end.

Your choice of font for your resume can make or break your chance of employment. Many people with great skills, excellent work ethics, and superb qualifications have lost golden opportunities because of the “font” issue. They either did not know its importance or just decided to take it for granted. So sad! Because we do not want you too to fall victim, our abled experts will help you learn on the best font to use on resume 2018 so as to make your CV look professional and presentable.

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