Using accountant resume examples 2018 will help you gain an edge over other applicants who are sending generic resumes. Apply what you have learned in accounting when it comes to making a resume and that is to pay attention to detail. Your accountant resume should embody perfectly who and what you are.  It should give emphasis on your qualifications and other factors that would help you land that accountant job. You might want to take a look at some accountant resume examples 2018. Looking for nursing resume examples 2018? Click and find some here.

Career Overview with Stats

Accounting jobs are in demand in many countries such as in the United States. If you have earned licenses and certificates, like being a Certified Public Accountant, there is a bigger chance you will be hired in higher positions. There are many types of accounting jobs and they require different qualifications and skills. That is why it is advisable to look for accountant resume format sample that will match the job you are applying for.  An accounting job’s salary may start from $30,000, while those who are experienced may start from $60,000.

How to Write Resume for Accountant Job

To help you convince the recruiter to pay attention to your resume, you might want to take a look at some of these tips.

accountant resume writing tips


  1. Cover letter: many accounting resume examples 2018 recommends to include a cover letter. Cover letters will help the hiring officers to sort out the applications.  Such letter will inform them what you want and the gist of what you can offer.
  2. Career objective: make this a strong one. This will show how motivated and passionate you are in starting your career and where will it take you. You can include here that just looking at complex numbers you immediately know exactly what you need to do. Give them a taste of your skills and your qualifications.
  3. Licenses and certifications: best accountant resume format 2018 always includes this section. You should not forget this section because some recruiters will just immediately jump to them. They want to know how credible and how knowledgeable you are in the field.
  4. Project the skills to have on accountant resume: there are many things accounting skills you can mention, but for resume purposes, give emphasis to your computer skills and how you are comfortable with basic math skills. You can also now elaborate your skills in looking at complex numbers and resolving them.
  5. Give details on your experiences:  recruiters are into your professional experiences. Hence, it is best to state a number of years for a specific experience, as well as the place where you did it. Your experiences will showcase the skills you mentioned and the strengths you have that will help you stand out among other applicants. You can take a look at an accountant resume format sample for other things you can include in this section.
  6. Mention your achievements: tell your awards and accomplishments. Brag about them. Many accounting resume examples 2018will surely tell you about this section.
  7. Use keywords: keywords are important for recruiters to notice your resume right away. Some of the keywords you have to use will be mentioned in the latter part of this article.
  8. Use best accountant resume format 2018 so you will have an idea what one should look like.
  9. Show confidence in your resume: have a good presentation of your resume. This is why this article is giving you tips so you can prepare well.
  10. Be true in your resume: you should state facts only. You have to make your resume on your own and know it by heart because interview questions might be based on the details you mentioned.

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What to Include in Resume and What to Skip

Focus on your skills rather than your hobbies and interests. Recruiters are not likely interested with those.

10 Powerful Words to Use and to Skip

Check out the following to make the best accountant resume format 2018 more effective for the job application.

Words to use

  1. Accelerated
  2. Balanced
  3. Calculated
  4. Illustrated
  5. Participated
  6. Ranked
  7. Tabulated
  8. Managed
  9. Decided
  10. Obtained
  11. Words to skip

  12. Went up
  13. Equaled
  14. Figured out
  15. Showed
  16. Tried
  17. Numbered
  18. Arranged
  19. Fixed
  20. Thought
  21. Got

10 Pieces of Advice from the Expert

Do you want to highlight skills to have on accountant resume, such as if you’re comfortable with basic math skills and computer skills? Check out the following for tips from the pros.

Snag a job said that,

  1. You need to reconcile your career summary to fit the requirements of the job, including financial analysis, accounting and IRS filing.
  2. You must also highlight success stories, and add up the highlights to show positive outcomes from the challenges.

A Robert Half blog stated that,

  1. You must be honest about your skills.
  2. Stay away from humor and colloquialisms.
  3. Ask for a resume review.
  4. Look out for acronyms and jargons – and consider if their meaning is understandable.
  5. See if the skills you’ve listed match the requirements in the job description.
  6. Look for some keywords and use them.

For new graduates, another Robert Half blog stated that,

  1. You must go for a functional layout.
  2. Use a career summary.

How to Use Samples for Resume Writing

Customize your own resume. You may take a look at some accountant resume examples 2018, but learn to create your own. There is actually free accountant resume format in word. You can use them as your guideline.

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Accountant Resume Examples: Some Tricks

  1. Try many job vacancies where you may be qualified.
  2. You must request for recommendations from your present employers for an extra boost.
  3. Ask the people you know in the accounting field of the updates about the industry so you can prepare.
  4. Earn experiences as you can to make your resume look better.
  5. Be confident that you will get the job.

Whether you are using an accountant resume format in word or any other samples, it is still more important to give your full attention to detail on all your qualifications, and others necessarily included in your resume.

If you want to get hired, know how to write resume for accountant job with the help of these tips and pieces of advice.

Choose accountant resume examples 2018 today!