Since change is constant, now there are 2018 resume trends that will surely make your resume more attractive. It changes so quickly that you need to be up to date. Many people will be hoping that 2018 will be a year with many opportunities for job seekers that are constantly hunting for job openings. It is important to always search for resume trends 2018 because there will surely be changes in style, changes in CV writing and tons more. Your effective CV will be the cause of your success in your job search, so better make it updated to take your career to the next level.

Things that you should include on your resume that never go out of date are being yourself, being honest and being passionate about it. Resume before was often too wordy, it had more text because it focuses on the applicant’s needs. But the latest resume trends 2018 focus more about the company and the use of bullets has been globalized. Of course, there will be changes to implement for the next years like focusing more on keywords that are related to the specific job an applicant is applying for because of the growing technology. Looking for management resume examples 2018? Click here and find some of them.

Fun Facts and Statistics about the 2018 Resume Trends

  • 43% of people are writing in the third person
  • The use of clip arts and emojis are 42%
  • There are over 47% of resumes that are too lengthy
  • The use of cringe-worthy quotes are at least 39%
  • 31% of people use inappropriate fonts

Resume 2018 Trends You Need to Know

It’s time take a look at your resume and tell yourself to give it some changes. There are plenty of resume trends for 2018 that you can apply for yours too. The trends didn’t change drastically, but rather just a few that can easily be applied. Keeping it fresh and engaging can give a huge impact to employers because you should get their attention as quickly as possible. A resume that is proofread and focused on what’s important is always up to date and never loses its value.

top resume trends 2018
  1. Graphs and charts that are included in the latest resume trends 2018. Technology did make things easier for some parts of people’s lives. Graphs and charts aren’t for PowerPoint only, but they can also be used for your resume. With the use of these, it can make it engaging and striking to the eyes of employers or recruiters.
  2. A resume that is cutting-edge. Let’s all throw away antique resumes and start making ones that are made from Microsoft. With the help of technology that is always updating and getting better and better each time, so should resumes. Long paragraphs aren’t anymore necessary because one of the 2018 resume examples trends is being very vivid about their personal brand.
  3. Visually engaging. This one is probably the most popular one among the resume 2018 trends. CVs before are presented with words and now it has been made much more interesting due to visual representations. This world enjoys reading through images rather than words.
  4. Your CV should include your social media. Trends will continue to grow until the year 2018. It is now considered okay if you put your career-relevant social media accounts. Twitter and LinkedIn are what people usually use in their career because they are the ones that are used by lots of professionals. You can put it in your contact information section.
  5. Include your wide tech knowledge. Nowadays, you will see a lot of “Experienced with excel” or “good at Microsoft” in resumes. Find also an angle of your field that technology is so relevant because being good at using technology is one of the 2018 resume trends.
  6. A proof of being emotionally intelligent. The resume trends for 2018 that has been growing and will continue to grow is the one that shows an applicant how emotionally intelligent he or she is. If you are applying for a job for a certain company, you are also going to be a member of their whole team and what they are looking for is someone who can work with a team.
  7. Creative resume trends 2018. People especially job seekers are now thinking out of the box. Infographics are one of the 2018 resume trends. In fact, plenty of employers accept and read infographic resumes. A one-page infographic resume and following it up with a full resume is good to go.
  8. Having the gig resume. If you are a job seeker, you need to be flexible. What employers want to know about you is that you don’t need a place to retire. Having a gig while looking for a full-time job and putting it to your resume can be considered a sample resume 2018 trends.
  9. Telling them that hiring you will be the wisest decision. When employers hire you, they should be making an investment. State on your resume the reason why you are perfect for the job. Show that you are capable for the job.
  10. Keep it honest. One of the very best 2018 resume examples trends is always keeping it real because nothing beats honesty. Employers are smart and they will look for other information about you and not just on your resume.
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Resume Format Trends 2018 That Will Keep You Updated

  • The title of the position must be below the header and have them bold.
  • Below the professional summary should be your core competencies, 2018 resume trends include the use of keywords.
  • Your accomplishments and achievements should have a special separate section
  • Never forget to write past job experiences

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Sample Resume 2018 Trends and Why They Are Popular

  • No template resumes. The generic, resume patterns and formats are used way before. This is a popular trend because 2018 will be a year of creativity. This is one way of selling candidacy through ones uniqueness.
  • No to ready-to-go resumes. In applying, you will need different resumes with different versions even though you are applying for the same position. This is one of the most popular 2018 resume trends because it is tailored and well customized.
  • Emphasizing the accomplishments. There should always be a separate section for the achievements because they matter so much. A popular trend on 2018 because this is the part where they differentiate you with the other candidates.
  • The use of summaries. Professional resume writers have been concerned about the importance of putting a summary of a person’s profile for many years. It is one of the popular trends because the objective statement has been already changed with the summary or profile.
  • Highlighting the experiences. This is one way to shorten your resume because there is a need to. It is stating all your experiences including the past jobs. Focusing only the relevant ones and disregard the irrelevant experiences. Consider it also to give the details of your work history including the dates of each one.


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Predictions on the 2018 Resume Trends

  • It’s going to be too public. When you are applying for a job, employers will now be looking and searching you on social media, with or without explicit posts. Since it has become a norm where people include their social media accounts on their resumes like your Facebook account, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you will no longer have privacy.
  • Titles and texts will be limited. 2018 resume trends are not much too wordy and then when the time comes, there will be not much of texts and more with the use of graphics on resumes. Employers will not take too much time in reading lengthy paragraphs.
  • There will be lots of colors. Everyone wants an engaging resume and you now have the choice to paint and put colors on the borders, titles, and headlines. Another 2018 resume trends are putting logos, inserting pictures and embed any art.
  • You can own your resume. Without using any templates and formats or following any rules, that is when you can own your resume. In 2018, job seekers will be having their own content and especially the resume layout.
  • Companies will still require resumes. Plenty of people will assume that for the next years, resumes wouldn’t matter anymore since this world is already a tech-oriented world but there will be new trends in applying for a job but at the end of the day, resumes will still be a requirement.

No matter how quick the changes are and how plenty the 2018 resume trends are already, a winning resume will always be honest, brief and formatted in a professional way. Your resume should reflect on your best character as a person and as an applicant. A truly standout resume is clear and adding something personal is never going to be a bad idea as long as you are being yourself. There will always be changes during the next years but you can not be outdated if you keep yourself active in the business world.

Having a hard time in thinking what 2018 resume trends to use to stand out among candidates? Just be true to yourself, avoid stating irrelevant experiences, put colors and sophisticated fonts along with the way, keep it fresh and make it professional.

Write using 2018 resume trends today!