The 2018 resume format and key resume words 2018 are the main things what you need in writing your application. It keeps your application current, while not leaving important personal information. You need to use it for new applications to highlight your key skills, career progression, and major accomplishments. Find out more on which format to use below.

2018 Resume Format Statistics

More than 40% of recruiters are put off with too much resume design, including inappropriate fonts, snazzy borders, and clipart images. About 59% of them would turn down an applicant with poor spelling and grammar. More than half of them will turn him or her down if the resume is loaded with clichés, according to the Undercover Recruiter.

According to Business 2 Community, the average time spent by hiring managers in an application is between 5-7 seconds. An unprofessional email address is another reason that resumes are rejected. And when you include a photo in your resume, 88% of resumes also is rejected.

resume format statistics

Types of Professional Resume Format 2018

There are types of resumes to choose from for the best resume format for 2018. You must use one suited for your work experience and skills. The following are the types of CV or resume formats you need to know.


If you want to highlight more of your work experience in the sections in CV, then this is for you. The format displays your career progression. It focuses on the job titles and dates you’d worked in your previous companies.  The most recent positions are written first. It is for you if you have been in the field for a number of years and you don’t have a plan to change career.

The format also highlights most recent positions, which are related to the current application, while displaying your most important skills for the desired position.  The good resume format 2018 can also be for you if you don’t have employment gaps.

Chronological resume template


It is another most popular resume format 2018 to use for displaying the things you can do, not when or for whom you did it.  The format focuses on your skills and value for the prospective employer.  It is not about your work history. Instead, it calls the employer’s attention on your specific areas of expertise, such as marketing calls, accounting, and IT skills. This design is for you if you have been changing careers or if you have employment gap.  

Additionally, it can be for people who have gaps in employment and want to re-enter the workforce. It is also for freshers who have little to no work experience. However, this format may not be able to display career progression.Functional resume template image widget

Functional resume template


Another most popular resume format 2018, the combined or hybrid resume format uses the features of both the above. It is time-consuming, but beneficial because it can balance the attention of the employer to your skills and career progression.  You can also use it if you’re looking for a big change in career or for a promotion. The design can also display your accomplishments and skills for the desired position.

Hybrid resume template

Advantages and Disadvantages of 2018 Resume Format Types

Video CV Sample: This is an innovative resume format that can also highlight sections in CV, including work experience and accomplishments. It can be for professionals in the teaching, graphics design and freelance contractors.


  • Unique
  • Concise
  • Shows your face and lets recruiters listen to your voice
  • Can be appreciated by recruiters who don’t want to read


  • May not be for traditionalist hiring managers
  • Resume format might not be opened or viewed at all
  • An unprofessional looking video might not get interview invitation

Infographic Resume Sample: This is another fresh take on a resume with personal information and work experience.  It is creative and can be for people in the creative fields.


  • It is visually appealing.
  • It can capture attention with icons and images.


  • Not suitable for professions including in the healthcare and engineering, and other industries
  • Focus of the employer in the message can be diverted to the design elements

Sample: The chronological format is a popular proper resume format 2018. It can show your experience in the field or industry with a list of jobs you’ve taken related to the application.


  • The format works on all fields.
  • It displays what you can do and previous jobs you handled.
  • It is precise and can be accomplishment centered.


  • It does not highlight much skill.
  • It can be a boring format if you’d list many work experiences.

  Sample functional:  The format is a skills-based proper resume format 2018. It can be used by people across industries.


  • It highlights your skills related to the job.
  • It works for career changers, freshers and people who have gaps in employment.


  • Focusing too much on the skills, the format does not highlight much of your job-related experiences.

Sample: The combination format combines the functional and chronological. It gives you the chance to highlight both your work experience and skills. Nevertheless, this best resume format for 2018 is a good design.


  • The format is ideal for experienced applicants.
  • It is able to show the things you can bring to the table while highlighting your specific skills for the job.


  • The format resume 2018 is time-consuming.

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Most Popular Resume Format

What is the best resume format to use in 2018? The reverse chronological is still chosen as a good resume format 2018.  Recruiters still focus on the work experience of the applicant. Hiring someone who has taken similar or related roles in the past seems to be more attractive and cost saving for companies.

They do not need to provide much training to the applicant in case.  The applicant can also use transferrable, hard and soft skills from the previous related roles they have had. A chronological format can show it.

Predictions For 2018

What are the latest predictions for 2018? Staying updated with the following helps create the right type of resume format and design. They also provide you with an idea on what work and what, not for new applications. Check them out.

  1. While the most popular resume format 2018 to use is still the chronological resume, many other types of resumes are getting attention from hiring managers.  These types of resumes are packed, with not only work experience and skills, but they can also contain other elements, including visuals.  The infographic resume is slowly but surely taking the scene. It contains other design elements, including icons, charts, and graphs.
  2. Video resumes are in!  Hiring managers and recruiters are embracing new technology. Video resumes help them hire new talents for their companies. These video resumes are a brief overview of your accomplishments, skills, and job. The newest resume format 2018, however, should not be used by all applicants, especially for companies that stick with traditional resume formats.
  3. The objective section is out. Change it into a career summary. The career summary is a brief introduction your key assets, skills, and accomplishments. It can be in the form of bullets or two to three sentences. The career summary is written at the top fold of your resume, just after the contact information. The current resume format 2018 with a professional summary proves more useful than including an objective section. It is more concise and targeted for the position applied. It also highlights things you can do for the company, not your personal goals in working for them.
  4. What is the best resume format to use in 2018? Choose from reverse chronological, functional and combined based on your skills and work experience. Go for the first if you have a solid work background without gaps, or the second if you are changing careers, a new graduate or someone with employment gaps.
  5. What do you include in the resume? Write the most important sections. They are the career summary, professional work experience and accomplishments, education and additional skills. These sections must be introduced by a subheading title in order to divide your resume and improve its readability.
  6. Skip the references section. It is a waste of space. The reference section does not matter.

Good Resume Format 2018: Advice from the Expert

“Soft skills are crucial for a candidate who wants to switch to a different industry because these skills are often transferable” - Geoff Scott (a Career Adviser)

He added that skills are important for you to be hirable. Soft skills must also be through examples on how you do well at those things.

Using the newest resume format 2018 can help you capture the attention of your readers.  It can make your application more attractive to prospective employers because it is precise, targeted and updated. If you need a guide, use the above for reference when deciding which format to use and what the latest predictions are.

Choose and use the 2018 resume format today!